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Monday, September 08, 2008

Cross Canada Cruisers team at Markham Bible Chapel

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C3 East
September 1 - 7
Markham, Ontario

Fast Facts:
Markham is a town of 261,573 located directly north of Toronto. It's rapid growth is due to it's proximity to the Greater Toronto area. It is a community of over sixty-five cultures and languages and is the most diverse in Canada, with 65.4% of its population part of visible minority groups. Markham has a large concentration of over 900 high tech companies located here.

Mount Albert, located one half hour north of Markham, was originally settled as a farming community and then developed into a commercial centre. It is surrounded by a diverse rural district that includes farms, regional forests and conservation areas. It now has a population of about 3,500.

The Work:
There is a new work commencing in Mount Albert, ON as an outgrowth of Markham Bible Chapel. Most of the outreach effort during the week will be focused in the Mount Albert community of 2,186 residences. The team will be based in Markham and following the morning classes at Markham Bible Chapel and lunch will travel to Mount Albert for the day. Saturday will be spent in Markham assisting in a local outreach effort to make contacts primarily for the upcoming 10 week Christianity Explored evangelistic course beginning September 22. A car show and garage sale is planned to attract visitors to the chapel parking lot.


Team East Update
News from Ajax, ON
Dear fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord,

This past week was quite eventful for our team as each of our cars had various problems that required attention. Before heading to Ajax from Kanata, we attempted to do some troubleshooting with both the Oldsmobile and the Pontiac. We discovered that the Pontiac had problems with a rear brake drum that required it to be hauled on the trailer. We managed to get the Oldsmobile running again, however, it gave us problems the whole way to Ajax. A drive that should of took 5 hours, instead took 8 hours. When we drove on the 401 the lug nuts of the front driver-side wheel kept coming loose and the car started "coughing" when it got above 100km/h. This forced us to pull over often to tighten the wheel and this became more dangerous the closer we got to Toronto. We decided to take Hwy 2 instead of the 401 so we could pull over on the side of the road more safely. At around 9:30 pm, we decided to park the Oldsmobile in the town of Brighton, and pick it up the next day with the trailer.

We know that God has purpose in everything, and there's no exception here. Despite taking twice as long to get to Ajax, we had several opportunities to hand out literature and have conversations. While on the side of the road, a couple from Venezuela, now living in Toronto, pulled over in their minivan, asking if they could take photos of our cars. We were able to have a conversation with them and provide literature and CDs. When we stopped for dinner, there were two older men by the names of Nelson and Doug who were quite interested in the cars. Here again we were able to hand out literature and share the Gospel with these men. On top of this, we handed out another dozen CDs and paintings to various people we met along our travels. Despite taking double the time to get to Ajax, we realize there was a reason for

For our week in Ajax, Ontario we worked with the believers at Rossland Ridge Bible Chapel. Our week comprised of attending several car shows and doing door-to-door work to invite the community to a BBQ outreach on Friday night. For our teaching this week, our brother Bill Yuille from Markham Bible Chapel joined us and we studied the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. This study was quite helpful and we thank Bill for his time this past week.

In Durham Region (where Ajax is located), there was a car show nearly every night. We ended up attending 3 different car shows in Port Perry, downtown Oshawa, and right in Ajax. We encountered a lot the same people at the different shows and were able to have conversations with some of them. On Wednesday night in Ajax, we were given a few minutes to explain our trip,
and we took the opportunity to share the gospel. The biggest show of the week was in Ajax with nearly 350 cars. All of us had some conversations and were able to hand out hundreds of CDs and paintings. Unfortunately, we were only able to bring one car to the shows this week, as both other cars needed various replacement parts.

At the car show on Wednesday night, we met a man named Rolly who helped us with our car problems. He helped us with the front wheel of the Oldsmobile and was able to diagnose the clutch problems we have had with the Chevy. In 4 hours on Thursday night we were able to help this man install a new clutch in the Chevy. It is interesting to note that we were able to find a new clutch assembly within 20 minutes of Ajax. Apparently this clutch assembly had been returned years earlier to this auto parts store and has been sitting on the shelf, just waiting for us to ask for it. It's really encouraging to know that although we may not know where a certain car part is located, God definitely does. Praying for car parts may seem trivial, however, through this trip we have seen time and time again that He truly does provide! You can also pray for this man Rolly who is divorced and quite lonely. His life is cars, and he fills the void in his life with them. The guys were able to be a positive testimony to him and he did take literature and a CD.

Our week wrapped up with a community BBQ on Friday evening, where we able to put all 3 cars on display. There were nearly 200 people at the event and we had a chance to do several paint boards and rope tricks for the children. Although most of the people were from the assembly, several families from the neighbourhood showed up. On Saturday afternoon, we also had the
opportunity to go the Pickering Market, where we handed out quite a few CDs and had several good conversations. Finally, on Sunday, we broke bread with the believers at Rossland Ridge Bible Chapel in the morning, and provided a trip update at the evening meeting. Both a testimony and message were shared, encouraging the saints here in Ajax. Although it was a frustrating week with all the car problems, we saw first-hand that God continues to use these cars, even when they are broken down. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and continued provision on this journey!

You can also pray for many of the conversations we had with people in the neighbourhoods around Rossland Ridge Bible Chapel. We distributed door-to-door packages that included a Bible text, CD and "God's Answers to Man's Questions" booklet.

The Cross Canada Cruisers East Team

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